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I just wanted to let you guys know that I am still alive! I know I have not posted for a while now as I have been so busy trying to get more natural products on here for you guys, we have more soaps and an awesome range of shower gels now! My job is not easy, and I find blogging very hard; dyslexia has always been a huge struggle for me which means I always need to have a dictionary at hand – and my mum to double check what I write to ensure I don’t make any silly spelling errors! I wanted to let you guys know how inspiring your comments on my animal testing post are to me. After a hard day at work it is so nice to come back and read all the lovely comments you guys leave so thank you all very much! I understand some of you are requesting more interaction i.e. more social content and it is something I am looking into, but as I am so busy with everything else it will take some time before I can make any big changes to the design.

A lot of people have requested I post a bit more info about me – I have a page you guys can visit to learn more about who I am – but my mission here at Eco-Earth is to get chemicals out of our products, put an end to animal testing and help protect the environment.

Toxic wasteI’ve always been very considerate of our big blue world, respecting things for what they are; I can remember my mother taking me shopping for toothpaste and wondering what the ingredients were, but even she didn’t know! A common theme that a lot of people seem to follow, the average person does not know what is inside the products they buy – they just trust it blindly and this is very sad, atleast it was for me.

Although so much is being done to help protect our little blue planet, I do not feel enough is being done – so many people seem to forget that we all share this world together and pumping it with harmful plastics, chemicals and pointless animal testing (all for vainity) is just unnecessary in so many levels – but it is profit and human greed that drives all this forward, its OK to poision our world because their company hits record sales, its OK to pump us all with chemicals because it is cheap, and its OK to harm animals because they will die anyway. But what makes me sad, is that no one seems to want to help, or care – atleast; people seem to care for a time then simply forget altogether! Even big charitys that claim to help are all in it for profit, heck I used to be in an office (old job) that was only in it for the sales/money (donation) and didn’t care about the chairty!

Gas MaskI was tired of doing nothing, and tired of waiting – so I set up Eco-Earth; I set out to try and make a change and swore to only promote products which were not harming our world, not animal testing and NOT pumping us with chemicals, that is the core of Eco-Earth and that is my mission and I wanted to let you guys know that I will not rest until big brands listen to us. I know it sounds like a battle we could never win, but us – the people are so powerful we can make change. From time to time we do get small victories; cocate have said they will now be making fluoride free toothpaste and big brands are now making SLS free products.


Ancient art of oil pulling

Mouthwash has become the norm for those who are in a rush in the morning and is often treated as a ‘quick oral clean’. You guys know I am not a fan of chemical mouthwashes for many reasons. It is difficult to find a good mouthwash which does the job without using cleaning chemicals though, right?

MouthwashAs it turns out this is not so true, and as silly as this may sound (don’t freak out) bare with me – because it does work, I myself have had a lot of success with this, as have a lot of others I have spoken to. The technique I am going to be showing you guys is called ‘oil pulling’ it is an old Indian remedy and on paper sounds vert crude but in reailty makes a lot of sense. The process involves getting a good high fat oil (I use coconut oil) holding it in the mouth for 10 – 15 mins, then spitting it out – I’m not kidding. So why on earth would you do this? To explain I need to show you guys how a basic soap works.

11A bar of soap is nothing more than a bar of ‘fat’ and the reason it is so effective at cleaning is because bacteria loves fat – it sticks to it like glue, coconut oil is the same. Everytime you oil pull you are effectively pulling out a lot of harmful bacteria directly from the mouth, infact oil pulling is so good many even claim it can reverse and even stop tooth decay dead in its tracks. Oil pulling is no question a deeper and more natural clean compared to most typical mouthwashes on the market today.

So do I have to do it for 10 – 15 mins – and does it have to be coconut oil? Yes, 10 mins should be minimum, this is because it takes a while for the oil to pull out all the bacteria as it is a slow process, but it works very well and in just one week I promise you guys, you will see the results. Any oil can be used as long as the oil has a high fat content, it’ll work – I say coconut oil as honestly it is the best tasting oil compared to say raw vegetable oil (yuck).

If you guys decide to give oil pulling a go, let me know how you get on in the comments below! We would all love to hear from you.

The many benefits of music

Music comes in all shapes and sizes; from rock to classical, instrumentals to pop etc… etc… Music is universal and can be found all over the world.

A dancing tribe in Africa

A dancing tribe in Africa

But did you know that music comes with its own range of benefits; besides making us feel better after a stressful day?

Music is proven to increase sleep quailty

  • A lot of research has gone into the effects of music on the brain – the calming effects of music (which helps the body relax) may help to release the sleep hormone Melatonin, this hormone is what makes you ‘feel’ tired. The calming effect music has on the brain will also boost sleep quailty.


Helps the brain fight off infections and viruses

  • Research has shown that music reduces the ‘stress’ hormone cortisol which has a negative impact on the immune system increasing the risk of heart disease,  cause mild problems with memory and effect blood pressure. To counter this, it is recommended you listen to 50 minutes of good up lifting music in a calm environment.


Reduces depression & anxiety

  • Research in Drexel found that people who listen to music on a daily basis found it easier to cope with depression and anxiety. Music also improved there overall mood levels had a good impact on psyche and  general wellbeing.

WorriedExercise for the brain

  • Remember that saying ‘if you don’t use it you lose it?’  well music is a great work out for the brain which keeps everything working and healthy which in turn can help prevent a whole host of mental diseases such as dementia, and slow down the ageing process of the brain greatly.

So how does the tone of music effect us?

Happy, sad, fast, slow and even scary music all effects the brain in a different way.

Sad music – We are likely to mimic the song via a face expression, either happy, or neutral depending on the ‘mood’ of the song. This means we find it very easy to connect with a song without knowing much about it. Sad music makes it more sympathetic and understanding; it also helps open us up making us easier to talk to.

Ambient music – Studies suggest that this type of music can help us be more creative; or come up with creative ideas. If you are writing or studying this is the music you should be listening to. Lightning, temperature and the environment you are in also play a vital roll in the level of creativity you express.

Research also suggests that music can play a small part in our younger years in defining our personailty and identity, depending on the type of music, the mood, theme and duration.

Let me know what type of music you listen to in the comments below – and how it makes you feel. 🙂


Soaps, Soaps, Soaps!

Eco-Earth now has its own range of amazing natural soaps made with zero harmful chemicals. These premium soaps come in 140g bars and are made by hand using high quailty olive oil instead of the cheap oils most other soaps use.

Remember you get a free gift for every £20 spent in our store. You will also get a free bar of soap for every 5 bars you buy from us. Just make sure to tell us what bar you would like in the comments section of the checkout otherwise it will be random. You will also earn Eco-Points as well, which can also be used at checkout to further discount products.

Natural SoapThese soaps can also be used as a great high end moisturizer for all skin types as well, as being a gentle exfoliator. Here is a quick overview of some of our soaps.

Natural SoapCharcoal Detox

This dark soap is made with real real charcoal. A great natural detox for the skin. This soap is great for deep cleaning, and drawing out impurities from the pours of the skin. This soap also makes a great kitchen soap.



Elgent Rose

One of our most popular bars, made with fresh rose petals. Often desribed as ‘aromatherapeutic’ this classic soap makes a great all rounded soap. And can be used for all skin types and colours. Definitely giving this bar a go first if you are unsure, it smells great and looks great!

You can find our full range of soaps in the soap & bath section of the website.

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone for supporting us. Eco-Earth would not be possible without any of you guys! Natural and organic products will always be our main focus. We are also in the process of making a new aloe vera toothpaste, and shower scrubs which should be up soon.

For those of you who have tried our soaps, please let us know how you got on! We would love to hear from you and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Natural remedy for: eye strain

This natural remedy is great for tired, dry, irriated, infected and sore eyes. I’d like to point out, that although many brands of eye spray and eye wash contain chemicals; they are not harmful, unlike other chemicals found in cosmetic products. I understand though that some people want to go 100% natural/organic, which is fine – which is why I think you guys will like this natural remedy.

You will need

  • Himalayan salt (can be found in most health shops)
  • Distilled water (ideally, or mineral water if you can’t get it)
  • Honey (Any type of honey will work)
  • A jar or a pot (to store the remedy)

You guys are probably thinking, ‘salt! In the eye! Are yee mad?’ If I was using normal table salt I would agree, it is mad – but himalayan salt comes directly from the himalyan mountains and is full of vital trace minerals which are very good for the eyes, unlike chemically made table salt. Himalyan salt also has many other benefits and can be used as a natural salt scrub, or natural hand wash (with organic soap).

A bowl of fine salt'

A bowl of fine salt’

To make this remedy

  1. Pour in 10 – 20ml of water into a bowl (or container)
  2. Add in roughly half a tea spoon of honey into the water (no more otherwise the spray will be too sticky to use)
  3. Finally add in a very, very small pinch of the salt – too much can cause further irritation to the eye.
  4. Mix the contents until the water becomes clear
  5. You are done!

This natural remedy can also be used as an eye wash as well – just bare in mind it only has a very short life of around 2 – 3 weeks, so it is better to make it in small batches. The reason for the short life is due to the salt crystallizing in the water.

If you are struggling to find any of the above ingredients a quick Google search should reveal a few shops which sell them, you can also get the salt from us.

If you are going to try this natural remedy, let us know how you get on in the comments below! Or maybe you have a natural remedy already? If so, we would all love to hear.

What is the big fuss over chemicals?

Laws and rules were put in place to protect us from harm and keep us safe, and although they do a great job of keeping order and peace (most of the time) they are far from perfect.

A common mistake people make is that laws protect us from harm; this is not always the case however. Bad things happen all the time, people die or get hurt. Shady things happen behind factory doors for the sake of profit and pressure. So why is it so hard for people to believe that cosmetic products are a health hazard?

Shampoo back

The back of a bottle of shampoo

It is a sad day when people blindly accept what they are given like a zombie, because they believe that big brands care about their health. Eco-Earth was set up to change that; to promote natural and organic products, get these things out of our brands and give people the chance to wake up and stop supporting this dangrous practice. Our market is riddled with things which are bad for us (i.e. smoking).

I know the media is always throwing things in our face saying this is bad, that is bad, don’t eat this, don’t drink this etc… And I am aware people are getting a little sick of it; but most of the things which are put into our products are not necessary and are there for the sole sake of prolonging shelf life, changing colour or to increase performance at a budget. All this comes at a huge risk to our health, our childrens health and the wellbeing of many animals.

Animal testingIt doesn’t need to be like that guys, it really doesn’t – I strongly believe natural products are the way forward, no chemicals, no testing and no health hazards. That is why I support Eco-Earth, that is why I try so hard to promote natural and organic brands and why I work day and night until I know that these unnecessary chemicals are taken out of our products.

‘I smoked all my life, and am still alive – at 85. But this was my choice; as I’m sure it was for many others too, but I know it doesn’t make smoking healthy, just because you feel fine doesn’t make it right to force everyone to be medicated by the same copy-paste chemical soups. One day that bottle of shampoo just might be the thing to trigger your cancer, and the doctors will blame it on genetics, not your shampoo’

Sam, an internet friend

Natural & organic products vs chemical based ones

As I have said before many people remain oblivious to the hidden dangers around them – specifically in cosmetic products. A typical answer I get when I try to introduce people to natural products is this: “I’m still alive, so what is the problem?” Though it is true cheap chemical based products (for the most part) are not fatal; the damage is done slowly over time and over many years can lead to cancer. For example chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate (or SLS) has been linked to hormone problems, skin ageing and has the potential to cause organ damage/failure in large enough doses – considering most products contain SLS it would not be hard to do.

So what are the advantages and disadvantage of natural / organic products?

Good points

  • No harmful chemicals, poses no harm or threat to the body or health.
  • Organic and natural products can boost overall health the longer you use them, for example regular use of natural shampoo or toothpaste will drastically improve health.
  • Natural products are very customizable and even people with highly sensitive skin can use natural products. They can be tailored to the customers needs.
  • A solid community. You’ll find that most natural brands (even the bigger ones) are more community driven and tend to have more of a human face instead of the profit driven brands.
  • Natural products are so much better to use and generally feel better. If you can get a hold of scrubs, natural conditioners or skin creams to name a few; you’ll notice a lot more care and love goes into these products making them more pleasent to use.
  • You know what is going in the bottle, and probably know what the contents are – instead of the long list of chemicals most other brands use.

Bad points

  • Natural products are expensive, expect to pay more.
  • Most natural and organic products have a very short shelf life due to the lack of chemical preservatives.
  • Without the aid of chemicals some natural and organic products do not work as fast as chemical based products for example shampoo; where results are almost instant.
  • Without the aid of chemicals natural products can often fail to match the results; for example chemical toothpastes use a special dye for bright looking teeth – natural products are unable to match this result without using chemicals.
  • Very few companys make natural/organic products. This is because of the high cost and low shelf life.

We would love to know what you guys think, do you use natural products? Is it worth the extra money? Let us know in the comments!



Organic natural make up with fruit

Most makeup brands pour in many, many harmful chemicals into their products, which as you know can cause issues later down the line. As I said before beauty comes at a cost. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. More and more people are begining to wake up and question the long list of toxic chemicals which are added to our products, and are now seeking out natural, organic products instead.

For those of you struggling to find some good makeup brands I have just thing for you! I’ve recently been introduced to someone on YouTube, her name is Megan Elizabeth. She has some amazing videos promoting; healthy lifestyle, organic / natural products and posts many tutorials as well. She is definitely  worth checking out!

I have picked out this video of hers as a lot of people struggle to find good natural make up brands, this video explains how you can use fruit as a natural form of organic make up. Not only is this cheap, but also so much better for health and best of all it is 100% pure and organic. I am going to list some great fruit below which can also be used as an effective and healthy alternative to most chemical based makeup products.

  • Strawberries – can be used for lip sticks
  • Blackberries – make a great organic mascara
  • Beet – A great natural foundation and can also be used as a blush

I know using fruit sounds silly guys, but it works and isn’t as silly as you may think as quite a few people have told me they also use fruit as make up, it is definitely worth giving a go; and will save you a fortune on make up products as an added bonus.

Let me know how you get on! Or if you already use fruit as a natural alternative I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


Oral Health – What really causes tooth decay?

In 1931, a lot of research was going into water fluoridation, many studies showed that water with higher levels of fluoridation made people more resistant to tooth decay. It wasn’t until the 1970s until the UK finally agreed to put fluoride into out water. It is now widely known that fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay, and can also be found in many products (such as toothpaste). The result? Non – tooth decay remains a big problem, and although it is true fluoride helps ‘slightly’ (it basically hardens tooth enamel) it does not address the root cause of tooth decay. The reamin for the small reduction of tooth decay over the years is mainly down to the improved quailty of life, medicine and food.

So what does cause tooth decay? A dentist will tell you 90% of the time it is down to either poor genetics or bad oral health. Although oral health does play a part in tooth decay; genetics play little to no role, if any at all. The real cause of tooth decay is not oral health, genetics or luck – you know what it is? Health. 99% of the time, it is health and diet which is causing the problem.

I am not bashing dentists, they do great work – but i’ve heard this story many times before; all a dentist will do is drill or extract, sometimes an extraction is necessary but you should never let it get that far.

The real cause of tooth decay and tooth loss

Mass production is a great thing, it allows us all to eat. Without it most countries would starve – but it does have a dark side. Most foods which are mass produced or shipped around the world lose a lot of there nutritional value. As a result of this our bodies are effectively getting less ‘goodness’ out of the product. People often tell me that they make a lot of things from scratch i.e. soups or strews, fresh at home – which is great, but you can not forget that those fruits or vegetables (unless you grew them) come from supermarkets and have probably had a lot of the ‘goodness’ destoryed, this is a huge problem with imported foods as well.

When the body does not get what it needs from our food, that is when health problems develop – the first thing to go are your teeth, the body will draw out vital minerals from the teeth due to malnutrition. It is also important to note that some foods contain compounds known as ‘anti nutrients’ which ‘pull out’ vital minerals from our diet, a common one is known as Pyytic acid:

Pythic Acid - found in most grainsPythic acid is a ‘fiber’ typically found in most grains (plant foods) e.g. wholegrain, bread, flower, wheat etc… It does not help when media is telling us to eat more wholegrain, when the reailty of it is – whole grain in large doses might be the root cause of your tooth decay. Now I am not saying to stop eating whole grain, because it is a vital part of our diet, what I am saying is higher grain based diets should be compensated with higher nutritional intake.

What should I be doing to protect my teeth and reduce tooth decay?

  • A good brand of Multi-vitaman pill is ideal (not cheap ones)
  • A glass of milk and Vit.D every day (atleast 250ml)
  • Brush teeth gently, most people brush too hard which can cause damage to the protective layer around our teeth.
  • Cut down on fizzy drinks
  • A good mineral based toothpaste

We were not designed to be doomed with a life of tooth decay, this is not a fault of nature, it is a fault of our own – a simple change to our diet, and you’ll quickly find that tooth decay will no longer be a problem at all.

Natural products – with zero chemicals!

Eco-Earth is all about making and promoting natural products; we mainly focus on cosmetics. We make and promote many natural products such as toothpastes, mouthwash, hair products, skin products and many more.

Everything Eco-Earth makes or promotes is 100% pure and natural with no animal testing. All our products are always natural, and in some cases 100% organic too. We also have a good range of vegan products.

Natural products are the way forward!

A bottle of shampoo full of harmful chemicals

As I briefly spoke about in my post: harmful chemicals in cosmetics big brands pour in a huge amount of toxins into our products, some good, some not so good – Eco-Earth was set up by me (Tom) to give people the chance to move away from this nasty world of chemicals we all now live in. By supporting us you will be helping us take down a growing and evil trend in the world today which is profit over health – because our laws are so complicated it has left many loop holes including animal testing, done only for the sake of human vanity.

I recommend watching the video below, it explains very clearly what is going on.

The only reason this goes on guys is because we all encourage it! Remember that old saying: you get what you pay for? That £2.50 bottle of shampoo may be tempting, over the £5.99 bottle, but bare in mind the money you save will come at a bigger cost, and that is your health.

This is no joke, as shown throughout history we make mistakes, and things go wrong. Remember when smoking was considered  to be healthy? Or the horse meat scandal? Our history has shown us that our laws do not always protect us from harm. In some cases they can do the opposite. Yes, you’ve been using that shampoo for 10 years, and yes you are alive – but so is my Dad, so is my sister both who have been smoking for 15 years, that doesn’t mean people are not harmed by this guys.

Health should be above profit. Why should we be treated as lab rats? We don’t need these chemicals in our products. So please, help us get them out! Help us promote and make new and exciting products which are natural, healthy and most importantly help us put so much pressure on these bigger brands that they have no choice but to listen to us.