Massive thank you guys for the support!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am still alive! I know I have not posted for a while now as I have been so busy trying to get more natural products on here for you guys, we have more soaps and an awesome range of shower gels now! My job is not easy, and I find blogging very hard; dyslexia has always been a huge struggle for me which means I always need to have a dictionary at hand – and my mum to double check what I write to ensure I don’t make any silly spelling errors! I wanted to let you guys know how inspiring your comments on my animal testing post are to me. After a hard day at work it is so nice to come back and read all the lovely comments you guys leave so thank you all very much! I understand some of you are requesting more interaction i.e. more social content and it is something I am looking into, but as I am so busy with everything else it will take some time before I can make any big changes to the design.

A lot of people have requested I post a bit more info about me – I have a page you guys can visit to learn more about who I am – but my mission here at Eco-Earth is to get chemicals out of our products, put an end to animal testing and help protect the environment.

Toxic wasteI’ve always been very considerate of our big blue world, respecting things for what they are; I can remember my mother taking me shopping for toothpaste and wondering what the ingredients were, but even she didn’t know! A common theme that a lot of people seem to follow, the average person does not know what is inside the products they buy – they just trust it blindly and this is very sad, atleast it was for me.

Although so much is being done to help protect our little blue planet, I do not feel enough is being done – so many people seem to forget that we all share this world together and pumping it with harmful plastics, chemicals and pointless animal testing (all for vainity) is just unnecessary in so many levels – but it is profit and human greed that drives all this forward, its OK to poision our world because their company hits record sales, its OK to pump us all with chemicals because it is cheap, and its OK to harm animals because they will die anyway. But what makes me sad, is that no one seems to want to help, or care – atleast; people seem to care for a time then simply forget altogether! Even big charitys that claim to help are all in it for profit, heck I used to be in an office (old job) that was only in it for the sales/money (donation) and didn’t care about the chairty!

Gas MaskI was tired of doing nothing, and tired of waiting – so I set up Eco-Earth; I set out to try and make a change and swore to only promote products which were not harming our world, not animal testing and NOT pumping us with chemicals, that is the core of Eco-Earth and that is my mission and I wanted to let you guys know that I will not rest until big brands listen to us. I know it sounds like a battle we could never win, but us – the people are so powerful we can make change. From time to time we do get small victories; cocate have said they will now be making fluoride free toothpaste and big brands are now making SLS free products.


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