10% off all Soap and Bath products

Starting from the 19th Oct 2015 and ending on the 30th Oct 2015 we will be knocking off 10% off all soap and bath products, including our famous 100% natural soap bars! You can still learn eco-points (20 for every £1) as well; to take advantage of this great offer use the code ‘Soap‘ during checkout.

You will also get a free bar of any soap for every 5 bars you buy from us; just remember to let us know which bar you would like otherwise the bar will be random!

Natural SoapAlso remember you get a free gift when you spend £20 or more! You can take comfort in the fact that everything Eco-Earth makes or promotes contains zero chemicals and only the very best of nature.

How do I use codes and points?

In order to use codes, go to checkout and find the ‘use coupon’ option (on the right) and then enter the code ‘soap’ into the box and click apply – this will remove 10% all soap and bath products. Please note that this code will not work for products not in this category.

How do I use points?

Eco-Points or (ep) are earned at the rate of 20ep for every £1 spent. 500ep = £1; it is possible to buy a product using only points (the total value of the products in points can be seen in checkout. In order to apply points to a product select the ‘pay with ep’ option in checkout and type in the amount of points you would like to apply to the order and click OK. The order will be complete if you pay off the whole balance in EP. Points never expire and can be used for any product; you can view your point balance in ‘account settings’ in the top corner of the screen. If you have any questions about EP or how to use codes contact me and i’ll get back to you ASAP.


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