15% Off All Aromatherapy Products

15% off all aromatherapy products!

Running from the 1st November – 15th November we will be taking off 15% off all our aromatherapy products; this includes our famous massage oils, lavender cushions and our essential oils. To get this offer use the code; “wellbeing” during checkout. For those of you who are new to massage, we recommend this channel for some great videos explaining how to use massage oils, and how to perfom basic massages. Remember all our products are made with zero chemicals and only the very best of oils!

New tea on the way!

A cup of tea

We are also going to be offering a new range of teas which include; black, herbal, green, white, fruit and many more! Some of these teas will be directly imported from china (who we believe are the king of tea makers) We will also be creating remedy tea; and don’t worry about the taste these fine teas will be like nothing you have ever tasted or seen before (very exotic) we are also very excited to be working closely with Tea-Asia, who will be supplying us with all the best tea (from local chinese farmers) to us. Most of our tea will be in loose form, so bare that in mind.

New incense and holders

New exotic incenseWe are increasing our range of exotic incense! Most of our incense is imported from India, and crafted using tree resin. Incense is an ancient form of apothacary which was used (mostly in churches) for its powerful, refreshing scent. The tree resin gives off a smoky haze which is very useful for destorying potent smells. We will now be offering cones, new sticks and gift sets as well. We will also be stocking holders.

New Spa towels and candles

Scented candle

Finally we will also be stocking new scented candles (zero chemicals, as you would expect) and a range of premium spa towels. We hope you are excited as we are! I wanted to take this opportunity  to thank each and every one of you for helping to make Eco-Earth a reailty; our goal is and always will be to offer 100% natural products without any of the nasty chemicals.



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