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When I set up Eco-Earth several years ago; I wanted a company with a bit of humanity and good will behind it, I put a lot of effort into my products and research and honestly want to give you guys the best I possibly can. I have had a few nasty comments regarding my 5 – 7 day delivery time and wanted to remind these people that I am a one man show, I have no marketing team, research team, admin or anyone to help with packaging – it is just me which will mean the package will take slightly longer to arrive but I wanted to assure you guys I will listen to any feedback good or bad and do my best to keep everyone happy.


A few people have requested infomation regarding refunds this is stated in our terms, but generally I am very fair in regards to refunds if a customer is not happy all they need to do is email me and I’ll refund them within 1 working day, you can also contact me directly on: (+44) 07583174148

Updates on our organic/natural shampoo

Natural shampoo

I’ve been listening to a lot of feedback regarding my organic/natural shampoo and many of you were unhappy with how water ‘thin’ it was; you will all be pleased to know after many late nights and experimenting I have finally created a new natural and organic two in one shampoo, which is naturally thick, with Zero surfactants, bonding agents, or any crap of any sort. I am now using thicker (natural & organic) castile soap. I have had to change the recipe slighly, but the product remains the same – I have also PH balanced the product to help protect the hairs mantle.

Some of you also did not like the bottles I was using; so I have changed the design of the product – which now comes in a round long bottle and a pump, this new natural design will take place just before christmas.

New Pump

Update on our natural toothpaste

Our natural toothpaste used to come in a small (30ml) tube – which was annoying for some who were ordering 10 or 15 of them – a lot of people were requesting bigger containers. I am sorry it took so long to get this sorted guys, but we now finally have 2 new different ways to send out our natural toothpaste which is:

In a container like this, each container is 50ml

In a spout bag which holds 100ml

Spout bag

We also now have two new types of natural toothpastes to pick from; Remineralizing Toothpaste & Aloe Vera: Coconut natural toothpaste; our entire selection can be found in our natural toothpaste section (oral health in cosmetics)

Eco-Earth is now proudly supporting Rainforest Alliance a charity which focues on protecting our little blue planet and finding better ways of living on earth without harming it. For every sale made here at Eco-Earth, I will donate 5% – 15% to these guys. I will also be taking steps to make Eco-Earth better by introducing eco-packaging and non-toxic all natural ingredients.

New natural perfumes and aftershave on the way!


Using natural oils, I have created some really nice smelling perfumes with no toxic ingredients. These new natural perfumes and aftershaves will be here very soon.

10% everything!

This coupon can be used on all natural products, at any value. To use this code, simply go to checkout and type in: “NonToxic” for 10% off the total checkout price; this code expires on the 30th November 2015.


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