New Office! Yeey!

Firstly, I want to apologise for the huge delay with processing orders and responding to emails; for those who don’t know we moved office on the 22nd December 2015 to a bigger one just down the road from us this would mean you guys would be able to get the orders a lot quicker and it would allow us to respond to emails more efficiently.

However everything did not go as smoothly as I would have liked the area we moved too had no internet access and the BT engineers kept letting us down by not installing the line (we had to rebook three times!) some of our computers were also damaged as well, but the icling on the cake was the water leak which damaged a lot of our organic oils and herbs. I did what I could on my Laptop to inform you guys what was going on, but could not get to all of you – as you can imagine our christmas was anything but jolly.

11But fear not! We are back up and running, not only do we have more space and a bigger range of oils and herbs but we also have some new staff but more excitingly a new range of products you can expect to see very soon which are:

  • A new range of bath salts made with pure salt taken from all around the world
  • Natural oil based shoe sprays
  • Potent natural toilet sprays
  • Bath scrubs (made with raw himalyan salt)
  • Washing up liquids (made with herbs and oils)
  • New range of Ph balanced shampoo (made with herbal soap)
  • A huge range of potent natural perfumes (which also act as a moisturizer)
  • Hair oils
  • Beard oils
  • New range of toothpastes

Orders should now arrive within 2 – 3 days instead of the 5 – 7, we are also acting on feedback from our old mineral clay toothpaste and will be improving the recipe to make it less ‘gritty’.

A few people have also requested for more information about the chairty we support, we support the Rainforest Alliance, 5% – 10% of each sale goes directly to these guys.

Finally, I wanted to thank each any every one of you guys for supporting Eco-Earth, it has been one wild journey but Eco-Earth still has a long way to go and many awesome new products to make!