The slow move to Organic – and 15% off everything!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well? I have got some great news and a lot of exciting updates for you today!

All our oils now 100% organic and unrefined!

Eco-Earth wants our products to be as natural and pure as possible, using only the best oils and herbs and nothing more – however our biggest challenge is balancing affordability and quality. As a big believer in Eco plastics as well, it puts a lot of pressure on us to keep prices reasonable, as well as the lack of natural preservatives we can use, which drastically reduces shelf life to around 6 – 8 months.

Spa scene with natural cosmeticsBut we are slowly getting better, and as we continue to experiment with new herbs and oils our products only get more awesome! I know some of you had a concern about some of our oils being refined (shea, cocoa etc…) and requested organic versions that were unrefined we struggled with this request as changing our oils to organic and unrefined would drastically increase the price of our natural products…However, I finally have some good news; our supplier of our oils has agreed to give us bigger discounts on organic/unrefined oils as long as we order in slightly larger amounts and only buy from them – the price is still slightly more expensive but we are willing to take a slight hit on our profits so: no price increases! This means that all of our products are now not only going to be organic but will be made with fresh, all natural, unrefined oils as well, giving you the the most pure oil you can get!

New Candles!’

teacandleWe now have a great new range of candles in stock, made from a range of different unrefined natural waxes, these candles range from cheap-and-simple tea candles; to our awesome hot massage candle oils! Don’t forget to take a look at our great range of 100% natural candles. Beeswax is the most pure and natural wax you can get as it naturally cleanses the air but that does not mean you can’t use soy wax, although slightly cheaper it is just as natural and can do just as good if you are on a budget – there is no wrong choice.

New Origami Inspired Air Fresheners!

I am very proud of our new range of unique scents, our new natural car refreshers are made with pure, natural essential oils and infused in dried sea salt to help naturally prolong the scent. Each refresher comes in an origami styled box and is crafted by hand. Each scent comes with a small leaflet on how to use it, and some basic information on the oils we used to make it. If you want to give your car that authentic look then I highly recommend you try them out – at £1.10 each, you can’t go wrong.

New Konjac Sponges!

spondgeThese 100% natural, and organic Jonjac sponges are exported directly from the heart of Japan and have long being a popular beauty product. Made with special fibers, the sponge acts as a soft cleanser removing deep dirt and excess oil from the face without being too rough. They can be used as part of a daily face clean, or in the bath. We recommend not leaving the sponges in water for too long as this can reduce the effectiveness of the soft fibers.

New Skin Creams!

We have revamped ALL our natural & organic skin creams. Some of you had a concern about them being too ‘greasy’ we have addressed this issue for you by adding in mashed-arrowroot, a herb which helps take out the greasy feeling on your skin and naturally soaks up excess oil allowing the cream to sink into the skin. Our skin creams come in many forms; from scrubs to basic anti-wrinkle creams.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for helping to shape Eco-Earth into what it is, I want to give a shout out to Bart as well for being a huge joy to talk with and for putting up with me! Eco-Earth will strive to get better and continue to offer 100% natural and unrefined products.


Checkout with the code ‘EcoEarth‘ for 15% off everything we have online; this code expires on the 31st March 2016


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