New Shop, Glass Cleaners, Shower Gels and more!

Hey guys,

I hope you are all well! I know its been a while since my last blog update I’m sorry! I’ve been super busy trying to get our new shop off the ground (I’ll blog about it later in the week). I won’t lie, its been a real nightmare! I’ve had so much to do I’ve barely had time to breathe; but things will begin to calm down within the next few weeks or so – just letting you all know I am alive 🙂

New Glass Cleaner – We hope to have this ready next week. It can be used on your glasses to remove dirt and grime and comes in a 50ml spray bottle. Its taken us a while to get the recipe just right, although going all natural is great – it isn’t always easy to get a working recipe with a limited range of organic/natural ingredients.

Revamped Shoe Sprays – They were a little thick and so we will be replacing some of the oils for lighter ones and replacing the bottle with a fine mist spray bottle instead.

Toothpaste Updates – You’ll all be pleased to know our famous mineral clay toothpaste will be making a return. We have addressed the concerns people had about the texture and are now using organic (unrefined) coconut instead of organic refined. You will also have the option to pick from toothpaste tubes as well.

Pure Castile Soap – Our old castile soap, made with vegetable oil is going to be scrapped, and instead replaced with natural/organic olive oil soap. We will also be using coconut oil for a thicker lather. A few people have been worried about the Potassium Hydroxide used to make our soaps. I want to point out that without it, soap is not possible – however…we do have a ‘natural soap’ made from Soapwort if you don’t like KOH in your products, just be warned it is not as strong as castile soap.

Beard Oils & Balms – Our new natural beard oils and balms are now in stock. Just be aware that non of them are organic yet, though our balms do use organic (unrefined) shea – as I touched upon in my last post. This is something we are looking into however cost is another issue so it is unlikely we will have 100% organic oils.