Brand New Ph Balanced Shampoo! …and more!

Hello guys!

We’ve been super busy here at Eco-Earth crafting some pretty fine stuff (if I do say so myself) We have also addressed a few concerns people were having about our conditioners being too dry, as well as bringing to you brand new all natural all organic products! So without further ado lets run through some of the new all natural stuff you can expect to find.

New Aloe Vera Shampoo (ph Balanced)

Aloe Vera shampooOur all natural shampoo has had a re-skin! We have taken out the castile soap and replaced it with herbal infused Soap nuts (a natural herb known for its lather properties) We have also added in Aloe Vera for a cool soothing effect and several of our best essential oils for a rejuvenating effect on the scalp. You can find this bottle of perfection in our cosmetic / hair section.

Whipped Cocoa Toothpaste (scrub)

toothpastewhippedWe have scrapped our old mineral clay toothpaste and replaced it with a better (and bigger!) all natural organic toothpaste carefully blended in Organic (raw and unrefined) coconut and Cocoa butter – we have also added in mineral clay for a potent remineralization effect. This hand made toothpaste packs one hell of a punch! Best of all, no nasty or sympathetic chemicals! As an added bonus, we use extra virgin olive oil for a natural tooth whitening effect, don’t worry about taste as each one is blended with peppermint oil for a fresh minty breath.

New Origami Inspired Natural Deodorant Balm

deodrantnewI know a lot of you have been asking about this — so here it is! Our brand new all natural and all organic (Vegan friendly too!) deodorant balm made with organic coconut, shea butter and carefully infused in arrowroot powder – best of all this balm does not only spell lush it also keeps those pesky flys and bugs at bay too: win, win right? Just remember to only use a small amount as the balm is very strong stuff.

New Shea Silk Shower Gels

showergelnewIntroducing our brand new shea silk shower gels! Made from all natural, raw and organic (unrefined) Shea butter carefully infused in organic (unrefined) olive oil castile soap. These small but mighty white bottles are not only lush for the skin; but also carefully blended with some of our best pure essential oils to not only get you clean and feel soft, but also to make you smell fresh too!

All natural Bug, Fly & Ant Repellent

bugsprayIts here guys! Our castile soap based fly spray that naturally keeps nasty flys and bugs at bay without doing any harm to them or the environment. This green product is not only safe to use outside, but also is made with pure oils – no nasty or synthetic chemicals. As an added bonus this spray also smells amazing — while being hated by most small bugs and flys meaning it can double up as an air freshener as well! You may also use this spray on your bed to keep away spiders, bugs and any other nasty creepy crawlers.

And finally….

Anti-burn and Deeply moisturizing Shaving Cream

shaving creamsHere it is! Our updated natural soap based shaving cream – made from a blend of our best oils with deep penetrating moisturising properties. This is a thick, creamy and easy to use natural cream which is small enough to carry around but big enough to last you for a good while. As you would expect from us this cream is all natural and organic and comes in a range of different scents including Vanilla, Spicy, Jasmine — and more!

So what else is going on with us?

We have been super busy with our new shop (we are in Evesham for anyone wanting to visit us!) and getting our YouTube channel up and running where; we hope to be bringing you some of our best natural remedies weekly — we are also working on several other amazing natural products including hair wax and hair dyes which I will promptly update you guys on when we have the green light. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for helping to keep Eco-Earth going. Running a company like this is not easy – I have had several emails asking for advice on making their own all natural products — and to anyone reading this thinking the same thing my answer is to just go for it! Don’t be disheartened when you make mistakes, keep pushing forward and you’ll do fine I promise. For those who want to get into it there are plenty of great herb books to get you started.With that said I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you all very soon.

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