Dumping the plastic! And new products on the way – plus 20% off

Hello you wonderful people! It has been a while since our last blog post, I hope everyone is enjoying the new year? It has been a rough ride for everyone here at Eco-Earth but everything is starting to come together, slowly. We have been very busy bees working on some exciting new ideas / products – and spending a lot of time refining our vision for the future.

Eco-Earth is, and always will be, a company with a heavy focus on the planet. Our 100% all natural philosophy is very important to us, but we believe it is is equally important to us to protect our little blue planet – that is why we work closely with; charity, ideas and like minded people to help tackle some of Earths greatest challenges. We do this by donating part of our profits to like minded people, last year our focus was on the Rainforest. This year (although we will still be supporting the Rainforest Alliance) our focus is on the sea – specifically, plastic that ends up in the sea.  This plastic does huge amounts of damage to our sea beds and the ecosystems living within; this has become a bigger problem over the years as our dependents on plastic increases year after year. The CNN did a great documenty on this issue which I shall post below for those who wish to learn more.

Our slow shift from Plastic to Glass / Paper containers

Over the last few months we have been trying to move from plastic to glass – although we wanted to do this earlier – funding was holding us back, however glass is not flawless either and comes with its own set of problems which include: weight, cost, higher energy to produce, risk of injury etc… but we believe it is a step in the right direction and a much greener choice (and healither)

We have also been following a very exciting project, the paper bottle – which we plan to ‘test’ with over the year, and hope to use in several of our products. This 100% all natural paper bottle is made with zero plastic and is 100% biodegradable.

The new ‘paper bottle’ which we hope to use in the future

paper bottleSo what is new?

New Glass Jars For Skin Creams – All our skin creams now come in a 60ml glass tube (10ml extra) we have tried to keep the price the same (15p increase) but for the extra 10ml we believe this is fair — the shipping cost will also be staying the same.

Our new 60ml glass jars

sweet almond

New Bottles for our all natural Conditoners / Shampoos – We have always been a fan of the ‘artian’ look and thus tried to maintain it in our packaging these new bottles really have  that ‘homely feel’. Our new conditoner should be out within the next few days and has been vastly improved based on a lot of feedback from our customers. Each bottle will cost roughly £4.65 — an insanely good price considering all our oils are unrefined and cold pressed, the only reason we can offer you a product at this price is down to the huge amount of support we get from our suppliers.

conditonerOur new recipe is made from pure coconut carefully infused in Cocoa butter (both unrefined and cold pressed) our customers will also have the option to pick upto 3 essential oils (at no extra cost) to add to their all natural conditoner to tailer each bottle to their hair / texture – or to simply make each bottle smell lush. As always our 100% all natural policy stands true thus all our ingredients will be published as well. Vegans will be happy to hear that this product contains no animal contents. We have Ph balanced each bottle as well using citric fruits to ensure the hair stays soft, just remember to be careful as each bottle is glass – thus we recommend keeping it in a safe place to avoid smashing the contents.

Brand new Silky Shea bottles – I am happy to re-introduce our famous castile soap shower gel which now comes in many different scents (and a plain version for those who hate strong scents) the recipe is the same as before; with a few minor changes based on feedback to improve it slightly.

silky shea Jasmine and PineWe take our castile soap very seriously and strictly only use the old version; with olive oil — not the cheap vegetable oil most other companies use. Some customers have expressed concern over the glycerin we use, this was brought up in the redesign but we decided to stick with the glycerin (which is strictly vegetable only, thus vegans are free to use this product.  The reason we are not changing to water is due to the fact that by introducing water into the recipe; we would then have to add in a preservative to slow down the growth of bacteria which would form in the water over time, oil based recipes last much longer and we don’t need to use any preservatives (we don’t have many natural ones to pick from) also glycerin is a natural oil and harmless as oils go. However we do plan to have a version that does not contain glycerin in the near future.

We are also working on several other exciting ideas which I hope to share with you over the next few days. I want to take the time to thank everyone who has been so patient and understanding with us (and for sharing feedback with us) and I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring!

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