Organic natural make up with fruit

Most makeup brands pour in many, many harmful chemicals into their products, which as you know can cause issues later down the line. As I said before beauty comes at a cost. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. More and more people are begining to wake up and question the long list of toxic chemicals which are added to our products, and are now seeking out natural, organic products instead.

For those of you struggling to find some good makeup brands I have just thing for you! I’ve recently been introduced to someone on YouTube, her name is Megan Elizabeth. She has some amazing videos promoting; healthy lifestyle, organic / natural products and posts many tutorials as well. She is definitely  worth checking out!

I have picked out this video of hers as a lot of people struggle to find good natural make up brands, this video explains how you can use fruit as a natural form of organic make up. Not only is this cheap, but also so much better for health and best of all it is 100% pure and organic. I am going to list some great fruit below which can also be used as an effective and healthy alternative to most chemical based makeup products.

  • Strawberries – can be used for lip sticks
  • Blackberries – make a great organic mascara
  • Beet – A great natural foundation and can also be used as a blush

I know using fruit sounds silly guys, but it works and isn’t as silly as you may think as quite a few people have told me they also use fruit as make up, it is definitely worth giving a go; and will save you a fortune on make up products as an added bonus.

Let me know how you get on! Or if you already use fruit as a natural alternative I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


Oral Health – What really causes tooth decay?

In 1931, a lot of research was going into water fluoridation, many studies showed that water with higher levels of fluoridation made people more resistant to tooth decay. It wasn’t until the 1970s until the UK finally agreed to put fluoride into out water. It is now widely known that fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay, and can also be found in many products (such as toothpaste). The result? Non – tooth decay remains a big problem, and although it is true fluoride helps ‘slightly’ (it basically hardens tooth enamel) it does not address the root cause of tooth decay. The reamin for the small reduction of tooth decay over the years is mainly down to the improved quailty of life, medicine and food.

So what does cause tooth decay? A dentist will tell you 90% of the time it is down to either poor genetics or bad oral health. Although oral health does play a part in tooth decay; genetics play little to no role, if any at all. The real cause of tooth decay is not oral health, genetics or luck – you know what it is? Health. 99% of the time, it is health and diet which is causing the problem.

I am not bashing dentists, they do great work – but i’ve heard this story many times before; all a dentist will do is drill or extract, sometimes an extraction is necessary but you should never let it get that far.

The real cause of tooth decay and tooth loss

Mass production is a great thing, it allows us all to eat. Without it most countries would starve – but it does have a dark side. Most foods which are mass produced or shipped around the world lose a lot of there nutritional value. As a result of this our bodies are effectively getting less ‘goodness’ out of the product. People often tell me that they make a lot of things from scratch i.e. soups or strews, fresh at home – which is great, but you can not forget that those fruits or vegetables (unless you grew them) come from supermarkets and have probably had a lot of the ‘goodness’ destoryed, this is a huge problem with imported foods as well.

When the body does not get what it needs from our food, that is when health problems develop – the first thing to go are your teeth, the body will draw out vital minerals from the teeth due to malnutrition. It is also important to note that some foods contain compounds known as ‘anti nutrients’ which ‘pull out’ vital minerals from our diet, a common one is known as Pyytic acid:

Pythic Acid - found in most grainsPythic acid is a ‘fiber’ typically found in most grains (plant foods) e.g. wholegrain, bread, flower, wheat etc… It does not help when media is telling us to eat more wholegrain, when the reailty of it is – whole grain in large doses might be the root cause of your tooth decay. Now I am not saying to stop eating whole grain, because it is a vital part of our diet, what I am saying is higher grain based diets should be compensated with higher nutritional intake.

What should I be doing to protect my teeth and reduce tooth decay?

  • A good brand of Multi-vitaman pill is ideal (not cheap ones)
  • A glass of milk and Vit.D every day (atleast 250ml)
  • Brush teeth gently, most people brush too hard which can cause damage to the protective layer around our teeth.
  • Cut down on fizzy drinks
  • A good mineral based toothpaste

We were not designed to be doomed with a life of tooth decay, this is not a fault of nature, it is a fault of our own – a simple change to our diet, and you’ll quickly find that tooth decay will no longer be a problem at all.

Natural remedies: Sea Kelp and its many benefits

Kelp is a natural herb which can typically be found in shallow waters, it looks like seaweed and can grow up to 38m high! You can typically find sea kelp pills in most health shops, though these pills are often processed; which isn’t a bad thing it just means some of the goodness is lost. It is always best to get sea kelp naturally and fresh if possible, if not there is no harm in using the pills.

So what are the benefits of sea kelp?

  • It is a natural source of vitamin A, C, D, E B1 & B2 it is also a great source of natural zinc, calcium, iron, potassium, iodine and many more trance minerals.
  • It is known to have anti-ageing properties which help protect the skin from chemicals found in the air (free radicals) it is also a natural immune system booster, which will help the body fight off viruses.
  • Sea kelp also contains natural properties to promote hair growth.
  • As sea kelp contains a a natural source of iodine and other trace minerals it makes a great natural weight loss herb and helps to maintain thyroid health.
  • Due to the high source of vitamin D and calcium sea kelp is a great natural remedy for bone health and can be used to help speed up recovery if suffering from broken bones or fractures.

A word of warning

Too much of anything is bad for you – including vitamins & minerals. Please make sure you are getting the daily dosage of all vitamins as overdosing will make you ill; and can even be fatal.



Natural way to regrow hair? (for men)

Most men will encounter some level of hair loss at some point in their life – for some it starts as early as 18! In 80% of males hair loss is caused by a male hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) this hormone slowly chokes the hair follicles; causing them to get smaller and smaller until the hair goes into the ‘resting stage’ where no new regrowth occurs.

This process is often called MPB (Male pattern baldness) and is a natural part of life; for many though it can be a very daunting thing to experience. You will find many, many products on the market which claim to restore hair, however most of these are nothing more than snake oils. Two drugs have been approved to use for MPB and these are:  Minoxidil and Propecia.

Minoxidil comes in a foam (known as Rogaine) or in liquid form both are applied directly to the infected area twice a day. Propecia on the other hand is a drug you take once a day which aims at blocking DHT which – in turn stops MPB. These are the only forms of treatment which are licensed to work, and it really is luck of the draw some people have success, some people find it halts hair loss while others find no change at all.

The problem with these drugs is the cost; Propecia works out at roughly £35 a month, while Minoxidill comes in at around £25 a month; you can find it cheaper in liquid form but you will find the liquid is very sticky and greasy and isn’t nice to apply. You will also be on this treatment for the rest of your life, so the cost will quickly add up.

You could also try a hair transplant which is done under local anesthesia. You will find many different types of this treatment but it is all really the same thing; it involves taking hairs from the head in areas you still have hair (aka the sides) and ‘injecting’ it into areas with no hair. This is done using a giant ‘pin’ which is used to ‘extract’ the hair directly from the scalp. For those who are interested I recommend watching this video:

Hair transplants are an easy fix, but come at a hefty price – expect to pay £4000 and upwards for this type of treatment.

So the age old question, can you restore hair naturally?

…Kinda, for most men the cause of hair loss is MPB but you should not rule out other causes; make sure you are 100% sure it is MPB from a doctor before you continue because it could be something else for example a bad diet or poor health and even cancer.

If you know it is MPB then the only way to stop it is to block DHT thus giving hair a chance to regrow. Propecia does just that – it blocks DHT but hang on a moment here, what about herbs? Do I really need to be taking this £1.30 a day drug? Turns out there are herbs which block DHT! And I will list these below:

Natural DHT blockers

  1. pumpkin seeds – Naturally contain beta-sitosterol, which helps to block DHT naturally.
  2. Saw Palmetto – Another cheap and natural herb which also contains beta-sitosterol which helps to stop DHT naturally.
  3. Giant Dodder – A few studies have found that this herb (looks like tumble weed) blocks DHT by inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase type II.

A word of warning: Please check with the doctor before you begin taking these herbs, just to be safe! Also don’t expect instant results; hair takes 6 months to grow so results will take atleast 6 months before you begin to see results.

Are you suffering from hair loss? How are you dealing with it? Let me know in the comments!



How to lose weight – the right way!

I can not stress how I lathe those weight loss pills! STAY AWAY! As I said in my YouTube video They are bad news and often contain very harmful chemicals which ‘attempt’ to force the body to burn fat. This is very unnatural and the body is not designed to work like this. A woman actually died while taking these pills.

With that said losing weight is a commitment, if you are serious about it you need to stick with the program. Dieting is not enough, i’m sorry – it may help you lose a few pounds – but thats really about it.

To lose weight you need to: 1) Improve energy levels, 2) Increase metabolism 3) Clean digestive system

To start

The first thing you want to do is improve energy levels; higher energy levels means you will naturally eat less and stay fuller for longer. You can do this by getting some herbs and spices into your diet, most of them can be found at the local supermarket.

These are: Cinnamon, Basil, Fennel, Sage, Cumin, Nettles & Coriander

These herbs will improve your energy levels which in turn will keep you fuller for longer, it is a natural way of staying full without taking drugs. It is fairly easily to get these herbs into the diet, many can be used as spices or mixed into a tea.


Now you want to start boosting metabolism. This is why some people can eat and eat and not put on any weight at all! Metabolism is how the body processes energy; anything which is not needed is stored as fat. A fast way to build metabolism is by building muscle mass (not to be confused with fat burning) Check out this guy for some great info on how to build up muscle mass. Doing this will make it 70% easier to lose weight AND you’ll keep it off.

Some herbs are also a great way to naturally increase metabolism

These are: Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Ginger, Tarmac, Mustard

Muscle building is still a vital part of weight loss – don’t be put off! It really isn’t as scary as it sounds; and you don’t need to spend £100s in equipment. Be creative! You can use bricks, cans, bottles of water and many other house hold items as weights; press ups, squats and chin ups are also great exercies – you don’t need to hit the gym. Just make sure to warm up before a workout, and remember the goal is to build muscle mass.


Improving Digestion is the final part of the program, why is this important? The digestive system is often over looked in weight loss but think about it – the digestive system is what passes the food through the body. If it is not working correctly, then neither will the body which can lead to all sorts of problems. A clean healthy digestive system will make it so much easier to keep the weight off. Thankfully you can use some very potent herbs which drastically improve digestive health,

These are: Dandelion, Lemon Balm, Dill, Burdock Root, Chamomile

Another way to keep the system clean and healthy is by getting plenty of fiber into the diet. Fiber is basically food which can not be processed by the body. It exits, while cleaning the body of all impurties as it exits.

Here is some some triva on the gut you probably did not know

 1.    Muciniphila – bacteria found in your gut plays a vital roll in weight balance
2.    Exercise that involves vertical movement may curb hunger due to a hormone which is created in this process.
3.    A healthy gut is a good defence against diabetes.
4.    A healthy digestive system increases fertility in females.
5.    A healthy digestive system is more efficient at doing its job, which is vital if you want to lose a lot of weight.