Dumping the plastic! And new products on the way – plus 20% off

Hello you wonderful people! It has been a while since our last blog post, I hope everyone is enjoying the new year? It has been a rough ride for everyone here at Eco-Earth but everything is starting to come together, slowly. We have been very busy bees working on some exciting new ideas / products – and spending a lot of time refining our vision for the future.

Eco-Earth is, and always will be, a company with a heavy focus on the planet. Our 100% all natural philosophy is very important to us, but we believe it is is equally important to us to protect our little blue planet – that is why we work closely with; charity, ideas and like minded people to help tackle some of Earths greatest challenges. We do this by donating part of our profits to like minded people, last year our focus was on the Rainforest. This year (although we will still be supporting the Rainforest Alliance) our focus is on the sea – specifically, plastic that ends up in the sea.  This plastic does huge amounts of damage to our sea beds and the ecosystems living within; this has become a bigger problem over the years as our dependents on plastic increases year after year. The CNN did a great documenty on this issue which I shall post below for those who wish to learn more.

Our slow shift from Plastic to Glass / Paper containers

Over the last few months we have been trying to move from plastic to glass – although we wanted to do this earlier – funding was holding us back, however glass is not flawless either and comes with its own set of problems which include: weight, cost, higher energy to produce, risk of injury etc… but we believe it is a step in the right direction and a much greener choice (and healither)

We have also been following a very exciting project, the paper bottle – which we plan to ‘test’ with over the year, and hope to use in several of our products. This 100% all natural paper bottle is made with zero plastic and is 100% biodegradable.

The new ‘paper bottle’ which we hope to use in the future

paper bottleSo what is new?

New Glass Jars For Skin Creams – All our skin creams now come in a 60ml glass tube (10ml extra) we have tried to keep the price the same (15p increase) but for the extra 10ml we believe this is fair — the shipping cost will also be staying the same.

Our new 60ml glass jars

sweet almond

New Bottles for our all natural Conditoners / Shampoos – We have always been a fan of the ‘artian’ look and thus tried to maintain it in our packaging these new bottles really have  that ‘homely feel’. Our new conditoner should be out within the next few days and has been vastly improved based on a lot of feedback from our customers. Each bottle will cost roughly £4.65 — an insanely good price considering all our oils are unrefined and cold pressed, the only reason we can offer you a product at this price is down to the huge amount of support we get from our suppliers.

conditonerOur new recipe is made from pure coconut carefully infused in Cocoa butter (both unrefined and cold pressed) our customers will also have the option to pick upto 3 essential oils (at no extra cost) to add to their all natural conditoner to tailer each bottle to their hair / texture – or to simply make each bottle smell lush. As always our 100% all natural policy stands true thus all our ingredients will be published as well. Vegans will be happy to hear that this product contains no animal contents. We have Ph balanced each bottle as well using citric fruits to ensure the hair stays soft, just remember to be careful as each bottle is glass – thus we recommend keeping it in a safe place to avoid smashing the contents.

Brand new Silky Shea bottles – I am happy to re-introduce our famous castile soap shower gel which now comes in many different scents (and a plain version for those who hate strong scents) the recipe is the same as before; with a few minor changes based on feedback to improve it slightly.

silky shea Jasmine and PineWe take our castile soap very seriously and strictly only use the old version; with olive oil — not the cheap vegetable oil most other companies use. Some customers have expressed concern over the glycerin we use, this was brought up in the redesign but we decided to stick with the glycerin (which is strictly vegetable only, thus vegans are free to use this product.  The reason we are not changing to water is due to the fact that by introducing water into the recipe; we would then have to add in a preservative to slow down the growth of bacteria which would form in the water over time, oil based recipes last much longer and we don’t need to use any preservatives (we don’t have many natural ones to pick from) also glycerin is a natural oil and harmless as oils go. However we do plan to have a version that does not contain glycerin in the near future.

We are also working on several other exciting ideas which I hope to share with you over the next few days. I want to take the time to thank everyone who has been so patient and understanding with us (and for sharing feedback with us) and I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring!

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New Shop, Glass Cleaners, Shower Gels and more!

Hey guys,

I hope you are all well! I know its been a while since my last blog update I’m sorry! I’ve been super busy trying to get our new shop off the ground (I’ll blog about it later in the week). I won’t lie, its been a real nightmare! I’ve had so much to do I’ve barely had time to breathe; but things will begin to calm down within the next few weeks or so – just letting you all know I am alive 🙂

New Glass Cleaner – We hope to have this ready next week. It can be used on your glasses to remove dirt and grime and comes in a 50ml spray bottle. Its taken us a while to get the recipe just right, although going all natural is great – it isn’t always easy to get a working recipe with a limited range of organic/natural ingredients.

Revamped Shoe Sprays – They were a little thick and so we will be replacing some of the oils for lighter ones and replacing the bottle with a fine mist spray bottle instead.

Toothpaste Updates – You’ll all be pleased to know our famous mineral clay toothpaste will be making a return. We have addressed the concerns people had about the texture and are now using organic (unrefined) coconut instead of organic refined. You will also have the option to pick from toothpaste tubes as well.

Pure Castile Soap – Our old castile soap, made with vegetable oil is going to be scrapped, and instead replaced with natural/organic olive oil soap. We will also be using coconut oil for a thicker lather. A few people have been worried about the Potassium Hydroxide used to make our soaps. I want to point out that without it, soap is not possible – however…we do have a ‘natural soap’ made from Soapwort if you don’t like KOH in your products, just be warned it is not as strong as castile soap.

Beard Oils & Balms – Our new natural beard oils and balms are now in stock. Just be aware that non of them are organic yet, though our balms do use organic (unrefined) shea – as I touched upon in my last post. This is something we are looking into however cost is another issue so it is unlikely we will have 100% organic oils.

The slow move to Organic – and 15% off everything!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well? I have got some great news and a lot of exciting updates for you today!

All our oils now 100% organic and unrefined!

Eco-Earth wants our products to be as natural and pure as possible, using only the best oils and herbs and nothing more – however our biggest challenge is balancing affordability and quality. As a big believer in Eco plastics as well, it puts a lot of pressure on us to keep prices reasonable, as well as the lack of natural preservatives we can use, which drastically reduces shelf life to around 6 – 8 months.

Spa scene with natural cosmeticsBut we are slowly getting better, and as we continue to experiment with new herbs and oils our products only get more awesome! I know some of you had a concern about some of our oils being refined (shea, cocoa etc…) and requested organic versions that were unrefined we struggled with this request as changing our oils to organic and unrefined would drastically increase the price of our natural products…However, I finally have some good news; our supplier of our oils has agreed to give us bigger discounts on organic/unrefined oils as long as we order in slightly larger amounts and only buy from them – the price is still slightly more expensive but we are willing to take a slight hit on our profits so: no price increases! This means that all of our products are now not only going to be organic but will be made with fresh, all natural, unrefined oils as well, giving you the the most pure oil you can get!

New Candles!’

teacandleWe now have a great new range of candles in stock, made from a range of different unrefined natural waxes, these candles range from cheap-and-simple tea candles; to our awesome hot massage candle oils! Don’t forget to take a look at our great range of 100% natural candles. Beeswax is the most pure and natural wax you can get as it naturally cleanses the air but that does not mean you can’t use soy wax, although slightly cheaper it is just as natural and can do just as good if you are on a budget – there is no wrong choice.

New Origami Inspired Air Fresheners!

I am very proud of our new range of unique scents, our new natural car refreshers are made with pure, natural essential oils and infused in dried sea salt to help naturally prolong the scent. Each refresher comes in an origami styled box and is crafted by hand. Each scent comes with a small leaflet on how to use it, and some basic information on the oils we used to make it. If you want to give your car that authentic look then I highly recommend you try them out – at £1.10 each, you can’t go wrong.

New Konjac Sponges!

spondgeThese 100% natural, and organic Jonjac sponges are exported directly from the heart of Japan and have long being a popular beauty product. Made with special fibers, the sponge acts as a soft cleanser removing deep dirt and excess oil from the face without being too rough. They can be used as part of a daily face clean, or in the bath. We recommend not leaving the sponges in water for too long as this can reduce the effectiveness of the soft fibers.

New Skin Creams!

We have revamped ALL our natural & organic skin creams. Some of you had a concern about them being too ‘greasy’ we have addressed this issue for you by adding in mashed-arrowroot, a herb which helps take out the greasy feeling on your skin and naturally soaks up excess oil allowing the cream to sink into the skin. Our skin creams come in many forms; from scrubs to basic anti-wrinkle creams.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for helping to shape Eco-Earth into what it is, I want to give a shout out to Bart as well for being a huge joy to talk with and for putting up with me! Eco-Earth will strive to get better and continue to offer 100% natural and unrefined products.


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New Office! Yeey!

Firstly, I want to apologise for the huge delay with processing orders and responding to emails; for those who don’t know we moved office on the 22nd December 2015 to a bigger one just down the road from us this would mean you guys would be able to get the orders a lot quicker and it would allow us to respond to emails more efficiently.

However everything did not go as smoothly as I would have liked the area we moved too had no internet access and the BT engineers kept letting us down by not installing the line (we had to rebook three times!) some of our computers were also damaged as well, but the icling on the cake was the water leak which damaged a lot of our organic oils and herbs. I did what I could on my Laptop to inform you guys what was going on, but could not get to all of you – as you can imagine our christmas was anything but jolly.

11But fear not! We are back up and running, not only do we have more space and a bigger range of oils and herbs but we also have some new staff but more excitingly a new range of products you can expect to see very soon which are:

  • A new range of bath salts made with pure salt taken from all around the world
  • Natural oil based shoe sprays
  • Potent natural toilet sprays
  • Bath scrubs (made with raw himalyan salt)
  • Washing up liquids (made with herbs and oils)
  • New range of Ph balanced shampoo (made with herbal soap)
  • A huge range of potent natural perfumes (which also act as a moisturizer)
  • Hair oils
  • Beard oils
  • New range of toothpastes

Orders should now arrive within 2 – 3 days instead of the 5 – 7, we are also acting on feedback from our old mineral clay toothpaste and will be improving the recipe to make it less ‘gritty’.

A few people have also requested for more information about the chairty we support, we support the Rainforest Alliance, 5% – 10% of each sale goes directly to these guys.

Finally, I wanted to thank each any every one of you guys for supporting Eco-Earth, it has been one wild journey but Eco-Earth still has a long way to go and many awesome new products to make!


New Shampoo & Conditioners

And 15% off all Hair products …Read on!

Hello guys, I hope you are all doing well, as I have some exciting new annoucments to share with you all! I know its been a while since my last update but I have been busy making some huge improvement to a lot of our products and adding several new ones.

  • Packaging upgrades – I know a lot of you had a problem with our old shipping ‘bubble wrap’ packaging – some of you reported damage when the conents arrived – Eco-Earth has addressed this issue by replacing all our old packaging with new, strong, sturdy boxes.


This should prevent any damage or delay to all orders from now on. Best of all Eco-Earth will be paying for the boxes so this will not effect the shipping cost, it will remain the same.

  • New shaving creams – We now have a great range of all natural shaving creams! These creams are made with natural oils and herbs and come in neat 50ml tubs; all with their own little origami styled box and some skin triva. These natural shaving creams are not only soft on the skin but also naturally help protect you from razor burn; while also acting as a powerful moisturizer.

  • New Shampoos & Conditioners – A lot of you wanted a bigger range of natural and organic shampoos and conditioners for a bigger range of hair types. As a lot of you did not like our old shampoo we have revamped the entire design and contents based on the feedback you left us.

We are now stocking a great natural range of shampoos and conditioners for many different hair types; including oily, dry, sensitive, normal and many more! All our bottles have been replaced with simple round-pump-action bottles for easy use and all our labels have been redesigned for clarity as well.

  • New lip balms – As our lip balms are one of our most popular products we are now stocking a bigger range including; Tea Tree, Peppermint, Orange and many others all crafted with only natural oils.

New skin creams – Our old excavating skin cream has been replaced with a richer, softer avocado cream (made with himyalan salt) we also now have a great range of natural skin creams including mango, aloe vera, coconut milk and a few others – all of which are made with only the best natural ingredients!

  • Final Note   A few of you have been having trouble getting in contact with me via the ‘contact us’ page; this issue has now been fixed and emails should go through normally now, remember you can also call us with the details found on the ‘contact’ page which can be found on all product pages. I also want to take this chance to thank each and every one of you for supporting Eco-Earth and helping us spread the word about natural products! Every sale brings us to a greener, brighter world.

*Remember that 5% of every sale supports the Rainforest Alliance.

For 15% off all Hair Care products use the code: ‘HairCare‘ during checkout; this offer will end on the 30th December 2015.

Soaps, Soaps, Soaps!

Eco-Earth now has its own range of amazing natural soaps made with zero harmful chemicals. These premium soaps come in 140g bars and are made by hand using high quailty olive oil instead of the cheap oils most other soaps use.

Remember you get a free gift for every £20 spent in our store. You will also get a free bar of soap for every 5 bars you buy from us. Just make sure to tell us what bar you would like in the comments section of the checkout otherwise it will be random. You will also earn Eco-Points as well, which can also be used at checkout to further discount products.

Natural SoapThese soaps can also be used as a great high end moisturizer for all skin types as well, as being a gentle exfoliator. Here is a quick overview of some of our soaps.

Natural SoapCharcoal Detox

This dark soap is made with real real charcoal. A great natural detox for the skin. This soap is great for deep cleaning, and drawing out impurities from the pours of the skin. This soap also makes a great kitchen soap.



Elgent Rose

One of our most popular bars, made with fresh rose petals. Often desribed as ‘aromatherapeutic’ this classic soap makes a great all rounded soap. And can be used for all skin types and colours. Definitely giving this bar a go first if you are unsure, it smells great and looks great!

You can find our full range of soaps in the soap & bath section of the website.

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone for supporting us. Eco-Earth would not be possible without any of you guys! Natural and organic products will always be our main focus. We are also in the process of making a new aloe vera toothpaste, and shower scrubs which should be up soon.

For those of you who have tried our soaps, please let us know how you got on! We would love to hear from you and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Double Eco-Points!

From the 9th September to 25th September Eco-Earth will be offering 40ep per (£) spent instead of the normal 20EP. A few people have requested a list of ingredients to be displayed on the product pages, for all our natural and organic products; this is a work in progress and we hope to be done sometime by the end of this month.

Eco-Earth has also found a new natural and organic soap supplier. We are all very excited to be working with these people, and hope to start stocking their soap soon, as well as some of our own branded soaps.

For those of you who don’t know how Eco-Points work; I recommend you check out: how to use EP for our natural/organic products.